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Global Energy Park “Glo Park” a Go
November 1, 2022 at 10:00 PM

Corion is pleased to share that the State of Colorado and NexCore (Nuveen) / Hatch Spaces group just executed an historic ground lease last Friday on a 9 acre site adjacent to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (“NREL”) in Jefferson County, Colorado, for what will become a Global Energy Park (“Glo Park”) focusing on new innovations and technologies to lead the way for more sustainable energy utilization and reduction of the carbon footprint across all industries. This uniquely designed and highly amenitized campus will be a net zero facility that will bring companies from all over the globe, and hundreds of millions in investment into Colorado and Jefferson County. It will be the most advanced state of the art campus designed for the sole purpose of making our world a better, healthier and more sustainable place for future generations.

“NREL, the university, government, philanthropic, and corporate partners for Glo Park have created one of the best energy ecosystems in existence. I cannot express enough how proud and grateful I am to work with each of you to see what we can build and do together” – Lu Cordova, Director, Global Energy Park, Office of Special Projects, State of Colorado.

Corion Enterprises was very proud to be selected as a special consultant to the State of Colorado to help identify prospective development partners and work with NexCore (Nuveen) / Hatch Spaces and the State to provide visionary building design and program guidance, implementation strategies and leasing and transactional consultation to bring the parties together to a successful outcome. The collective vision and commitment of the parties to do something very special for our planet will have profound impacts for many generations to come. Corion salutes, the incredible team from State of Colorado, NexCore (Nuveen) Hatch, and most of all, my sister Lu Cordova for her vision and leadership in achieving this milestone.

Our work with Glo Park is an example of what Corion can do that is truly unique to other service providers. Our visionary development skills and insights coupled with deep expertise in real estate strategy, operational performance and both institutional and private capital transactions make Corion uniquely qualified in commercial real estate to make what may seem impossible, eminently possible.

- Fred Cordova, CEO & Founder, Corion Enterprises